Specimen Fish Competition

The Club shall award trophies annually to the captors of the best-known specimen of each species of freshwater fish from Club and non owned/leased waters each year.
The fish must be witnessed by at least two other members of the club (excepting in certain cases at the sole discretion of the Specimen Officer- Glen Tracey
07557 282893) and a specimen fish form filled out and submitted to the Specimen Fish Officer within fourteen days of capture.

Can I submit a catch without two witnesses?
Always submit it as it is the discretion of the Specimen Officer if it is allowed.

I just caught a regular sized fish e.g. a 4lb Tench. Should I submit that?
Of course! You may be awarded a specimen trophy as we have them for most species and yours may be the only one submitted.

Do I have to submit the form?
No. You can post a photo and the relevant information on Facebook or email to the Specimen Officer – Glen Tracey at tvacsps@gmail.com

Mr.Tracey – Pike 20lb 8oz – Nutsey Lake

Mr. Green – Perch – 2lb 4oz – Bob’s Lake